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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Days: Kim and Shane Reunite

After many years apart, Shane Donovan and Kimberly Brady have decided to work on their relationship. This Days of Our Lives duo fell in love about 25 years ago, and has not been on screen together since the early 1990s.

While the on-screen reunion was short, seeing Kim and Shane interact again on screen was a pleasure. It was left up in the air, whether or not Shane and Kim would be back together in the long run, but they would try to move on with their lives as a family. I would have loved to see some old clips or heard their song from those days “Friends and Lovers” that was so popular that even non-soap viewers knew it. Then again, perhaps we should have just been happy to see Kim and Shane together again if even for a moment, as there were times that this possibility was out of reach.

Shane and Kim divorced back in the 1990s and she married another man named Phillip. They moved out to California. Shane dated Kim’s sister Kayla for a short time, but spent most of the last two decades on the job for the ISA. Shane’s loyalties were to saving the world, not with Kim or their children Andrew and Jeannie. The majority of the Brady children have moved back to Salem and aged. Days would not have to do that with Andrew and Jeannie as by now they are adults as we haven’t seen them in many years.

Kim and Shane’s relationship was tempestuous, when they were young. Kim was a former prostitute, and Shane a dashing British spy guy. To save Shane’s life, Kim slept with Victor. She became pregnant, and Victor believed he was the father of her child. It was later revealed that Andrew was Shane’s child in every way. If Victor had been Andrew’s father, Victor would have conceived children with both a mother and a daughter. Bo would have been a half-brother to his half-sister’s child as if that wouldn’t have been awkward during any family reunion.

These are just some of the highlights of Kim and Shane’s time together, which are in no particular order. During their relationship, Kim and Shane also had to deal with Kim’s memories of being sexually abused by her Uncle Eric. Kim went through a bought of blindness. Shane also had a wife named Emma who was believed to be dead, and a twin brother Drew who came back from the dead. His former girlfriend and ISA partner Gabrielle came to Salem as well. She gave birth to a child named Eve that was given away for adoption. Eve came back into Shane’s life as a teenager. Eve was a troublemaker, who fell into prostitution. Considering Kim’s past, she could relate, but that didn’t make Eve like her. Shane also suffered from amnesia and got involved with a woman named Rebecca. In time, Kim got involved with another man, and Shane started seeing Kayla. Instead of Kim and Shane getting a happy ending out of town, we were left to imagine them with others.

Since the 1990’s, Kim and Shane have both visited Salem, but this was the first time they were both in town at the same moment. We first see Shane in prison. Rafe Hernandez was FBI and dated Kim’s niece Sami Brady. Rafe had been arrested and brought to a cell. The guard told Rafe, he was staying with a very dangerous man, who happened to be Shane. Rafe and Shane bonded and decided to escape together, before they were executed. The men were successful in their second attempt and made their way back to Salem. Kim came to town to see her family and say goodbye to Alice Horton. Earlier in the year, Kim fought a battle with leukemia and is now in remission due to Bo’s bone marrow transplant. More than anything, Kim wanted Shane to come see her during her prolonged illness, but due to his incarceration he was unable to be by her side. This was not something she could forgive, and instead of being happy to see Shane, she was livid.

So we get back to how Days ended on Monday’s episode. Shane gave Kim the letter of resignation, he wrote to the ISA. Kim and Shane left the Brady Pub together to start anew in California. Back when they originally left town, I believe it was still the Brady Fish Market. Shane told Rafe his news, and was introduced to Kim. The former Mr. and Mrs. Donovan left Salem with hope for a future together. I wish we would have seen Kim and Shane interact more with the people who knew and loved them like her family. Perhaps one day, they will return for a visit on a happier occasion along with their children.

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