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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Thoughts about "Hollyoaks" - September 2019

Below are my thoughts on September 2019's "Hollyoaks" - this is not sequential.

Mitchell and Scott got closer, as Mitchell kissed Scott as Anita Tinkle, but Scott didn't want to be played by Mitchell who is dating Cleo. Cleo and Peri are going to school together, and Cleo had a moment where she would have gotten hazed with food, but Peri realized what was going on and took the punishment.

Sami and Sinead got back together, and due to Finn returning to the village, and Diane allowing him to move in, Sinead moved out. Sinead and Sami got engaged and she was living with his family. During what should have been a happy day, a party for the couple turned tragic. Johnny had a bomb, and injured himself and Yaz, who now is deaf. Stuart got someone else to take the fall, and Ste was stuck even though he knew that his new friends were bad. Ste's kids are living with Leela, and then Sami and Sinead also moved in with them too, as the family didn't feel safe in their former home.

Tony was alive being held hostage by Breda at the pig farm, as Breda thought Tony was a good father. Diane believed that Tony left her for another woman.

Joel is working on leaving the Catholic Church to become a Church of England preacher, so he would be able to date Goldie. Sylver and Grace became closer, as Sylver helped Grace walk. Bobby knew that Mercy cheated on Sylver with Liam, and Mercy realized she shouldn't abandon her son after they had a real conversation.

Maxine's plot was revealed as Scott found out from Mitchell, and learned what Munchausen's Syndrome was. Brody was beyond angry with Sienna for keeping this secret from Damon. Sienna and Liberty found out Liberty was pregnant, but we don't know if Sienna and Brody will get back together. Damon went to jail for stealing money for Maxine, as James could not help him.

Brooke was pregnant, and went for an abortion. She ran into Mercy, and Mercy brought her to Nancy after they spoke. Nancy told Brooke that Brooke was family and would love her through anything. Mercy didn't get the abortion as planned but returned with her Nana for the procedure. She didn't know if Liam or Slyver was the father and couldn't take a chance. Brooke and Ollie weren't communicating as Juliet lied and blocked messages/calls. Ollie thought Brooke didn't want to see him and vice versa. When it was discovered how Juliet did this, and it was realized that Juliet kept Brooke from taking an important exam the adults became livid. Marnie was on Juliet's side, as she admitted how hard her life has been, and how everyone helps Brooke to her pseudo stepmother.

Cindy and Luke hooked up, and seem to like each other even though it is awkward. Cindy paid Luke's bills so he could have an apartment of his own, but he does not know that. 

Those were the highlights for Hollyoaks in September 2019. I'm glad Maxine was caught, as it was about time.

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