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Thursday, January 30, 2020

Primetime TV Update: January 2020

Below is my list of what I finished in January 2020.

In January I didn't finish any reality shows.

The majority of the month, I spent watching the first two seasons of Star Trek Discovery. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I saw it as a separate universe even if it is tied into the past. (That way any technology being better than what was going on in the 60s was less of a frustration.) The cast of this was smaller than I was used to, but I wonder if that was due to the lower episode count. I do wish they would in the future give more focus to some of the other staff (not in the main five-seven cast members.)

I viewed the first series Scott and Bailey on Amazon. British crime drama with two female leads that I was familiar with due to Doctor Who. I also watched Love in a Cold Climate, which was an older three part show from the BBC. The story was defined as a comedy, but I didn't really find it amusing, but sad as it was about life during war (Spanish Civil War) and ended during WWII.

I finally finished season two of Succession on HBO. I enjoyed it very much, and am looking forward to it continuing.

Happy viewing!

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