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Saturday, June 1, 2019

Thoughts about "Neighbours" - May 2019

Below is my May entry about "Neighbours" for 2019.

Elly admitted the truth about her pregnancy. She had been blackmailed by one of her students, but enough was enough. Mark was upset, and threw her out, and everyone was upset with her. Chloe and Mark though have a truce. Finn thought he had a memory, but it was planted by his former colleague who lied and tried to frame Finn for the actions taken against others in Erinsborough (like the hit-and-run). Sean is also back in town.

Kyle and Chloe ended their relationship, and Gary found out that Kyle still cared for Amy. Gary became desperate and decided he needed to marry Amy now. He set-up a surprise wedding, and invited Jimmy home for a visit. While Amy was happy to see her son, she did not want to get married in this way. Dipi and Shane decided to look into what Sonya shared about what Dee said.

Roxy went into business with Leo, buying the bar they go to in the city. Roxy got her share from Vance, an older man, who was also was a former love of Therese's from when she was younger. Vance and Therese dated during her wild period before she met Brad. Roxy and Vance also had a horse, which was stolen that they were trying to sell, though Roxy had no idea it wasn't legal.

Karl needed help with rebuilding the train car, he got as a gift from his sister, and it looked like Kyle and Gary both wanted the job. Thankfully with it being on Paul's land, Susan didn't have to look at it in their backyard.

Those were the highlights of May 2019, at least it looks like Toadie's plot with Dee may finally get resolved.

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