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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Days: Inside Salem Days of Our Lives Podcast Episode 17

The seventeenth episode of "Inside Salem" Days of Our Lives podcast has aired. Below are my thoughts.

This episode had an interview with Matthew Ashford (Jack) six months after the character returned from the dead, and Camila Banus (Gabi) in her dressing room with Freddie Smith (Sonny). The clips audio only were with Jack arresting JJ and Maggie out of it thinking she saw Kristen.

The Matt Ashford interview with Michael Fairman, was very much a what/why interview. They discussed what Jack was doing on screen, and why he was doing it. It was in the style of what "Soap Opera Weekly" used to do when actors would "explain" the situation, their motivations in the performance, and the behavior of the character. In this case, Matt spoke about how Jack was going after Haley as he was in his misguided way trying to help his son JJ not to get heartbroken by her behavior.

Camila spoke about her dressing room, and how it used to have purple walls, and carpeting, but now only the carpet was eggplant, which was good for covering dirt. Freddie came in and they discussed things like the little girls who play Ari, and other things around her dressing room. Again wish I could see this instead of just hear about it.

The style of the interview with Matt was interesting, as like I said it is something that used to be done regularly, but not as much anymore. Interviews like that tend to be extremely time sensitive, as stories change it gets out of date. Also the actor being asked has to have thought about the material, to discuss it beyond the surface writing.

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