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Thursday, May 2, 2019

Thoughts about "Hollyoaks" - April 2019

Below are my thoughts on April 2019's "Hollyoaks" - this is not sequential.

This month we discovered that Maxine isn't really ill, but is acting like it to keep Damon on her side. She was caught telling her daughter, she wasn't sick, but gave an excuse .

Mitchell and Cleo are still dating, even though his grandfather does not like her brood. They tried to set grandpa up with a woman, Marnie, who was upset and scandalized.

Breda was still living with Mercedes and Sylver and causing issues. Scott did drag performances, first as Grace, due to Mercedes, and then as both Grace and Mercy (half and half), Goldie was jealous and wanted Scott to do an impression of her. Tony tried drag at Toni, but that was a major fail.

Liam cut his facial hair, and may be getting nicer, though doubtful. Sami accidentally asked Liberty to marry him, but it wasn't real. Sienna still was dealing with Laurie's harassment at work. Laurie's personal life was a mess, and he raped Sinead, after hearing about Sami/Sinead kissing again. Sinead wanted to get away from her husband and didn't trust him.

The Muslim hatred story continued, as Ste got even more involved. Peri was upset because Yaz is her best friend, and Leela, who just returned to the village doesn't like any of Ste's new friends.

The Nightingale family had to deal with the fall-out of Mac's death. Romeo was blamed, and was incarcerated pending trial. James tried to help Romeo jump bail. Eventually Donna Marie went to prison saying she did it to protect Romeo. Juliet was upset about all of this, and admitted her feelings for Darren, which he denied/did not have.

Mandy had her baby, a DNA test was run. Luke was the father, but Ollie lied and said that Darren was. The boy is being called Darren Jr., and Ollie visited Luke in prison. Juliet got it into Brooke's head, that Brooke and Ollie should have sex.

Nancy had a party for Kyle. The whole guest list seemed to be people Kyle hooked up with in the past. Jack had a great time though at the event.

The big story of the month was the death of Lily. At an interview for school, she had a breakdown with a panic attack. She was cutting again, went into care, but left, to run away with Romeo. Lily died alone in a train station as she realized her future wasn't with Romeo, but with her ex-husband Prince. Sepis was the cause, as one of her self-inflicted cuts and become infected, and her organs failed. Romeo and Prince made peace, but Romeo was banned from Lily's funeral. We found out that Lily passed, and would have been able to continue on her studies to become a doctor, if she had lived.

At Easter, Ste's group did an event for the Hutchinson/Drinkwell family, but people got offended as it was not appropriate for Catholics and Muslims. At this event, Laurie and Sienna were in a ball pit, (not their choice). Sienna got upset as Laurie touched her again. Laurie got suspended at work, Brody went after Laurie afterwards, and Sienna got suspended also.

Those were the highlights for Hollyoaks in April 2019. Lily's death was hard to watch, and the story with Sinead/Laurie is disturbing. The only real levity came from Scott in drag.

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