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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Daytime Emmys 2019 - More Pre-Broadcast feelings

This year for us daytime hobbyists, we aren't getting reels. It is extremely disappointing. Variety did a LONG article with NATAS about it. Below are my thoughts.

Due to what happened with rules last year, and messed up submissions in the digital categories, they decided to only release the information and videos about the episodes to the press. So basically to get the details, we have to visit a site to find out more. Due to the late date, this didn't even appear in the traditional soap opera press, which is a bit surprising.

Honestly I'm kind of annoyed. How hard is it to give episode titles or air dates to the audience. That hurts no one, and would give the opportunity for people to know what was included. I don't like to read others opinions on material, while seeing a list of what was given. Let me see the list, then I'll make up my mind. On a paper magazine you can cover this kind of stuff with ones' hand, (and I've done this), but on a website that is a lot harder.

I'm a big fan of the "who should win, versus who will win", as on some occasions they are different people and in the old days of who will knock each other out so a third person ends up with the award.

I hope in 2020 it is figured out, and we get to see the reels or at least get an actual list from NATAS as to what was submitted.

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