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Sunday, March 31, 2019

Primetime TV Update: March 2019

Below is my list of what I finished in March 2019.

This month in old streaming I finished two shows and new streaming I finished two programs.

In old streaming, I watched "The Wild Roses", which was a Canadian show that only ran one season about two families who were tied, and shared the same land. It was good though a little predictable. I watched "Eternal Law", which aired a short run on ITV in the UK. This was about lawyers who happened to also be angels. So it was high concept, but fun though I can see why it didn't last with such an idea as for some it may have been a bit too old of a merge with a procedural.

In new streaming, I watched "Tidelines" which was Australian, though on Netflix, about children whose mothers' were sirens. It was bloody with nudity so not for everyone. I also viewed "The ABC Murders", which is on Amazon Prime, but originally was on BBC One. Since I never read the Agatha Christie book, I can't compare it to the source material, but I did like it.

This month there were no reality shows, as I don't count podcasts like Serial season three.

Happy viewing!

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