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Saturday, March 23, 2019

GH: Ryan's regin of terror over for now

Ryan (Jon Lindstrom) was finally discovered on "General Hospital" below are my thoughts.

Ryan made a mistake by leaving Kevin and Laura alive in Ferncliff, even though Kevin was blind, he and Laura were able to figure out how to escape. Meanwhile Ryan left town with Ava to get married. Ava had no idea Ryan was not Kevin. In Niagara Falls, Ryan ran into Cameron, who at the time didn't know it was Ryan. Thankfully the kids stayed safe and weren't hurt. Ava and Ryan were found by Jason and Laura. Carly who had been kidnapped by Ryan was left on an embankment. Jason found her, and Carly and her baby were okay. Laura comforted Ava, about Ryan, as Ava was originally in denial.

Laura got Kevin the medical treatment, he needed and could see again. Finding out what happened, Griffin (Matt Cohen) decided to leave General Hospital, and move on from the past and the loss of Kiki. Griffin had been a suspect in her death, and Ryan tried to kill him too. Griffin hit Kevin in anger over how Kevin hid his brother.

I'm glad that people figured out that Kevin was acting weirdly though I wish we had followed back up with Felicia, as she realized it, but said nothing. All we got was Mac and Felicia shunning Kevin, but I would have liked something more.

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