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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Y&R The Fenmore Sisters

Earlier this year, The Young and the Restless decided to make Jill and Lauren half-sisters. Neil never told Lauren about having a child earlier in his life, so this was a shock to her as well as the audience. Finally the two women bonded, and in time perhaps they will act more like siblings.

When Y&R decided to make Jill and Lauren half-siblings, I can’t say I wasn’t skeptical. Jill’s paternity has changed numerous times, and having her parents unknown wouldn’t have been that big of a deal. Jill has her children (including surrogate son Cane and his family), the brothers, she grew up with (Snapper and Greg), her mother in all ways except biology Liz, who died this year and Kay who she had believed was her mother. Lauren has Michael and her children though only Fen is on screen. The only good reason I can come up with for Jill and Lauren to be related is to create conflict. In the day, Lauren wasn’t exactly a nice girl, and having a rival who also could play in the muck would perhaps be a goal.

Watching the women fight with one another and cause division within their families wasn’t fun. Jill wanted Lauren to be there for her when bad things happened, but if Lauren appeared they would argue. Were Lauren’s actions one of trying to help or rubbing the situation in her face? If Jill reached out to Lauren, she would suspect there was an ulterior motive as well. When Jill’s grandson went into witness protection and faked his death, she was disappointed that Lauren didn't attend the funeral and help her mourn him.

Having to share Fenmore put them in proximity, but they still weren’t getting along. Daisy has come back to Genoa City, which torments Lauren. Having the person who kidnapped you return is a natural reason to feel fearful. This situation finally gave Jill and Lauren something to talk about and not argue about for once.

Today Lauren and Jill’s relationship was played for laughs and they had a bonding moment. The silent alarm in the office went off on Lauren and Michael’s anniversary. The duo came into the room to find Jill having sex with Collin. Lauren and Michael were horrified, as were Jill and Collin. Collin left and Jill, Lauren and Michael talked. Michael and Lauren began laughing over the entire situation, as it was so ludicrous. They also admitted they had done the same thing in the office, but never were interrupted in such a manner. Michael left the two women to go out for coffee. Jill admitted her loneliness, and understood why they would go to eat somewhere that Lauren felt safe. After Jill left, Lauren thanked Michael for giving them the time alone to talk.

While Jill and Lauren may never be best friends, perhaps in time they will be able to coexist as siblings sharing a company. Hopefully it won’t be all sunshine and smiles, as part of the fun is seeing them collide. They have different styles and have to try and work together.

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