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Sunday, February 2, 2020

Thoughts about "Hollyoaks" - January 2020

Below are my thoughts on January 2020's "Hollyoaks" - this is not sequential.

John Paul returned to town, and realized Breda was guilty. Breda drugged JP, but not before he told Mercy what was going on, and Tony was fund. Breda got caught, and died by Slyver's hand and then was burned by a fire. Tony was still feeling the after effects of his kidnapping. Edward and Diane had an affair, as Diane gave up on Tony, but now she was staying with Tony. Tony's sister Verity visited during the "later" episode, had sex with Sami and uses drugs.

Toby and Celeste continued their plan to get back at the Deveraux family. Mitchell was dealing with being gay and loving Scott, but his fears were getting the best of him. Scott and Azim have started dating.

Jesse and Courtney got married, but prior to the ceremony Jesse found out how Grace and James shot Mercedes together and was horrified. Jesse drank himself to death, and passed out in the village. Mitchell found, but could not save Liam and Grace's brother. Liam vowed revenge on Maxine, as she was with Jesse and served him alcohol.

As Breda was guilty of murder, so Donna-Marie, who lied to protect Romeo was freed. Juliet was upset finding out that everyone lied: Marnie, James and Romeo. Juliet wanted to leave town with her mother, but Donna-Marie went to abandoned Juliet again and she was devastated.

Nancy was stabbed at the school, and then lost her baby.

Mercy and Goldie went away to Spain after their ordeals with Breda.

Those were the highlights for Hollyoaks in January 2020. The later episode was interesting, and violent, but I felt that's why the climax aired in that wy.

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